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Are you wondering, surprised, amazed, and astonished? By looking at friend’s wardrobe. Her wardrobe has super, trendy, catchy, high-end yet expensive cloths. She carries them so well that she becomes a bomb shell of a party .show stopper of a every single function. Everyone stop her and ask about her cloths. I asked her one day about it and she reviled her top secret. OH LALALA! Get ready for the awaited secret to be exposed. Free clothes! You heard it right girls…. Free clothes!

She won those Free clothes.

Checkout the collection of best free clothes here:

We all like free stuff and samples.  Let’s here do a little memory exercise first; try making a list of things you have spent on in the last week. Start with today and then go backward, scrawl down the trip to the grocery store, the fare for Uber on the work, or the movie over the weekend.

Now it is possible to get real free things by just filling out a quiz. There are always ways to get them. Well, yes it is! Free clothes on filling up a quiz. Often laying your hands on free samples is not candid,

But if there is a will, there is a way…. So the saying go…

As the name suggests people only need to click on the article, read it and enter the quiz and stand a chance of winning points .The quiz is super simple, awesome and easy to do. You just have to write and incomplete sentence and getting it submit the right answer. Another way is to ask a question and give fan multiple choices.


Long before I was a blogger, and if you look even longer before I was just a blog reader, I was a sweeps taker .Yes, I loved to win different prizes .I’ll be a little honest here when my friends used to win bicycle, cellphones from different websites, with little stuff toys which they shared I still have them!:)

I’m fairly new to listing my stuff here but I’ve seen a good bit of traffic. Don’t miss the instant Win tab on free clothing.

I still have free clothes in my wardrobe. Free cloths are just one click away. Literally one click away. Open your laptop, pc, mobile, tablet whatever, just enter prize reader in a URL ( here you go! There you see some amazing articles on physic, chemistry, biology, mathematics, what not? Click on any topic of your choice. click on which you are good at. HEY! you can do one more thing, engage your children, husband, and mother, father in law .mother in law, friends and start reading!? Or play for a Free clothes. Just click on the article, use your knowledge, answer the simple, funny question get points, and win Free clothes. You can win free cloths from high end brands. One more thing you can choose size and color of Free clothes. Just earn as many points as you can .more you harvest more you get. Like more you earn point more FREE CLOTH you will get.

So guys just remember that opportunity doesn’t favor the wealthy, it favors the resourceful.

Earn Free Clothes



I don’t like to spend huge amount of money on cloths.As trends changes  with the tick tock of clock cannot waste my heard earned money on the cloths.mostly I go for FREE Cloths but new FREE CLOTHS.I am a mother of 6 year old toddler I don’t want  him to ruin my expensive cloths with chocolate all on his hand and rubs all over my new cloths .ALAS! All my money and cloth go in waste. What the solution for that? Solution is FREE CLOTHS .thanks to my sassy friend. I don’t regret if ma cloth ruined or damage because it is all Free clothes. With this Free clothes I rock the party confidently.

So as I said before, I like all kinds of things, but I don’t feel like paying for them at all. I am thankful to some of my personal experiences, a little experiments and of course online resources I have found quite a few ways around leaving over my hard grossed cash for what I want .free stuff only seems free, if you are not paying with cash, you are paying with some kind of work, but by using the quiz, the free cloth are just a click away as it will take minimal effort of yours to complete it. So a minute to grab your free cloth. Wow seems to be so moving isn’t it???


Women love to shop more than men, it is one of the oldest and the most accurate label. Well not all of us but most of us really love it. Ladies tend to be happy shopping around for hours and still don’t get bored or stressed out until the shops become too crowded, or when they couldn’t find something they are looking for. So through reading out the article and filling up the quiz ladies can win free clothes, they can gather as many clothes as they can, just a click away.

Happy Gathering!!!



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